Flatcar Bridges

Rick Franklin Corporation designs and constructs heavy-duty bridges made from railroad cars, the ultimate in recycling and reusing. Bridges are available in up to 89’ lengths.

The railcars are all steel-constructed bridges which are designed to our client’s specifications. These bridges have a tremendous load capacity and can be topped with decking of pressure-treated lumber for extended use. Concrete abutments are also available for placement of the bridge.

RFC has been working with MSC Engineering based in Salem, Oregon for over two decades. MSC is able to assist with bridge engineering if a customer is in need of this service.

Private landowners, golf courses, government agencies, logging industries, and watershed preservation organizations make up just a few of our clients.

Rick Franklin Corporation also offers transportation to the site, by the RFC Trucking Division or through a partnership with RAM Trucking.

For Information Contact:

John Stolsig

Phone: 541-451-1275 Option 1

Fax: 541-258-6444

Email: info@rfc-nw.com