Rick Franklin Corporation has the ability to restore a damaged site as closely as possible to its original environmental condition. For years, Rick Franklin Corporation has worked closely with the National Forest Service, private and public land owners and numerous rail lines providing them with professional earthmoving, landscaping and reforestation work.

We can set and reconfigure grades and contours, bring in additional soil and handle the procurement and logistics of transporting new or additional trees, plants and shrubs. We have been involved in projects that require the transport and planting of thousands of trees and shrubs, often to exacting specifications and regulations.

Stream restoration is another aspect of the work done by our crews. In addition to clean up we can strategically add logs, rocks and gravel to enhance fish habitat and spawning beds. Rick Franklin Corporation has the professional personnel and the equipment to get the job done right.

Environmental Cleanup

Rick Franklin Corporation has a solid track record of assisting in and providing environmental cleanup in a wide variety of situations.

Our strength is the ability to respond quickly with the right equipment and knowledgeable staff trained to handle most small to medium-sized spills.

Our emergency response vehicles are stocked with a variety of sorbent materials and booms as wel as pumping equipment to get the spill site under control, and complete the cleanup.